Saturday, December 15, 2018

Book Review: Heavenward by Olga Gibbs

It's been one of those weeks you guys, but it's getting better and by the time this post goes live, it'll be  the weekend and I'll be snuggling up with my cat, drinking tea and watching anime with my husband 💙 Anyways, so I have been seeking out different book blogging groups, one of them being Lone Star Literary, another Reads & Reels and the book that I'm writing about today is actually a tour book from Fraser's Fun House.


With the power to end the world, would you protect humanity when it broke you or would you take revenge?

Meet Ariel: a quiet, unnoticeable girl with an incredible gift…

Ariel never had an easy or pleasant life, but the arrival of three gorgeous strangers meant her measured life is turned upside down, as she discovers that angels exist.
Now against her will, she’s drawn into an ancient celestial conflict, where her powers will decide the fate of humanity.
Deceived, threatened, hunted and now on the run, who can she trust?  

Author Bio

Olga Gibbs lives in a leafy-green town, nestled amongst the green fields of West Sussex, England. She was writing from the age of fifteen, mainly short stories and novellas and was a guest columnist for a local newspaper. When she is not dreaming up new adventures for her imaginary friends, she does outreach work with teenagers.
She is currently writing a second book in the "Celestial creatures" series and another stand-alone psychological crime thriller book

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I enjoyed the dialogue of this book. Some authors have trouble with dialog, but Olga has a natural instinct and it shows well with Heavenward. The dialog is relatable and easy to follow and doesn't feel out of place, or strained or awkward.

The beginning of the book also really brings you in. The first chapter was very intriguing and made you want to read further on.  This is just another awesome trait that Olga has a knack for.

What I didn't enjoy was the pacing of the book. It starts off fine, but then feels slow and then starts to pick up again it just really has this roller coaster effect. I found that a little frusterating, because it would get interesting, then felt that the pacing just left me dry at times.

Other than that, I recommend this book for your teenager. This book definitely has some teenage romance going on and they would definitely relate.

If you are reading this, then you have made it to the end of my blog and I'm happy to say that you can get a FREE copy of Heavenward by clicking on the button below and following instructions! Until next time, Happy Reading!

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