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Book Review: A Wall of Bright Dead Feathers

  A WALL  OF  BRIGHT DEAD FEATHERS By Babette Fraser Hale Publisher: Winedale Publishing Pages: 216 Pub Date : March 1st, 2021 Categories : Short Stories / Literary Fiction   Scroll for Giveaway!   Most are newcomers to the scenic, rolling countryside of central Texas whose charms they romanticize, even as the troubles they hoped to leave behind persist. Twelve stories highlight “the book’s recurring theme of desire—for freedom, for clarity, for autonomy, and for personal fulfillment…When women are alone, unencumbered and unbeholden to anyone, they engage in intense internal reflection and show reverence for nature—and during these scenes, Hale’s language is luminescent” ( Kirkus Reviews).   PRAISE FOR  A WALL OF BRIGHT DEAD FEATHERS:  “Hale shows a great respect for her characters and for the difficulty of their deceptively ordered existence, as well as for the problems they suffer because so much cannot be spoken.”  -- Francine Prose,  on “Silences”   “A vivid set of tales about c