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Rainy Travel: Greece

 I'm back from another trip across the pond! This time, our adventurous spirit took us to the cultural and traditional streets of Greece, specifically Athens and Santorini. While Greece has always sounded nice to me, it wasn't actually on my top list of places to visit. It was my husband who suggested Greece as we were planning our next trip and I'm glad he did. Here's my experience in Greece from September 15th - September 22nd, 2022. The Food Omgosh, where do I even start with this one? There was so much food I tried during my time in Greece. From the meat filled goodness of the gyro, to the sweet and moist flavor of portokalopita (Greek orange cake), to the simple flavors of tzatziki, I absolutely loved every bite I took from every dish I ate.  My favorite food experience though is hands down this tiny, literal hole in the ground, no sign, no AC, basement dwelling called Diporto . This restaurant, while looking a little sketch from the outside, is full of flavors on