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Book Blitz | Porter & Midge: Paws and Playtime

  PORTER & MIDGE: PAWS AND PLAYTIME by Jennie Chen and Giselle Nevada Children's Picture Book / Pet Care / Dog Training Series: Porter and Midge series Publisher: Raise the Woof Press LLC Page Count: 32 pages Publication date: December 12, 2023 Scroll down for Giveaway! Discover the enchanting world of Porter and Midge: Paws and Playtime - a rhyming children's book that follows the heartwarming bond between two furry friends, Mastiff Porter and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Midge, and their devoted companions, CJ and Lora. On a sunny day, CJ's thoughtful idea sets the stage for a joyful exploration of new ways to make Porter and Midge's days even brighter. Through rhythmic verses, follow their journey as they uncover imaginative games, canine enrichment activities, and thrilling dog sports, all while strengthening their unbreakable connection. Click to purchase! Watch on YouTube Giselle Nevada has owned several mastiffs, acquired both from reputable breeders and

Book Talk | Death By Bubble Tea

 Hey Ya'll! I'm back with another book talk. Now is about the time I talk about how I found this book and well, you know those little cozy mystery books that have a little cat or dog or some kind of animal and the title are something along the lines of, "cat bakery murder" or "what the dog saw at the book store." Well I was looking for one of those books at my local library. I find that I like reading those cozy mysteries, but I don't necessarily want to accumulate/add them to my home library, so when I found out that my local library had a whole dedicated section to these types of books, I thought it was perfect! So I was browsing through the books, when the title popped out at me. The title, along with it's interesting synopsis, and  Good Reads reviews, it seemed like a decent cozy read. So here are my thoughts on Death By Bubble Tea by Jennifer J. Chow . About the Author Jennifer J. Chow writes cozies filled with hope and heritage. She is the Ag