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Book Review: The Truth About Magic

 Hey everyone! I'm back with another review for you. Little update, still waiting for my book cover to be finished so I can finally release my second book. I also am feeling like I should get back into creating my emails. It's been a while, but I guess better late than never? Anyways, onto the review! A little bit about the author Atticus is a writer, traveler , and an ametur winemaker. He writes beautiful poetry, and his words make you feel like you are not alone. Other than this, I don't know much about him. He gives us glimpses into his life with his words, but he does keep himself private, which I respect. Although, he does have this older interview that you can read.   Review Beautiful. Atticus has a true way with words. The way he writes captures the reader's emotions from the present or the distant past and reminds you of everything you ever felt.  "Travel and love are worth the sacrifice for a life without them is a life unexplored. " The Truth Abou