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Book Review: Rounding Home by Sarah Swindell

ROUNDING HOME by SARAH SWINDELL    Genre: Memoir / Family / Autism Date of Publication: August 2, 2019 Number of Pages: 256 Scroll down for giveaway! In 1991, twenty-one-year-old Sarah, the recently divorced mother to two-year-old Hayley, moved from the dusty small town of Farmington, New Mexico to the bustling city of Houston, Texas with dreams of a better life. A year later, she was swept off her feet by Greg Swindell, an established Major League Baseball player who had just signed a lucrative contract with the Houston Astros and was quickly becoming the talk of the city.  Six weeks after their first date, Greg asked Sarah to quit her job as a hairdresser and marry him during Spring Training in Florida. Over the next several years, Sarah's Cinderella story continued with the addition of three more children, a lifestyle only a few ever dream of living, and a love story even fewer ever experience. That is until 2002

Rainy Travel: Chicago + Vegas

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I wrote something not book related. It's just been a busy month. And, as some of you may know, I went on a two-part trip recently. First 4 days in Chicago and last 4 days in Vegas. Here's my rainy thoughts on Chicago + Vegas! Chicago My husband and I had been to Vegas multiple times. We went this year to celebrate my grandparent's 50th anniversary. I suggested we make the trip a two-parter, we thought of places we both haven't been and that's how we came up with Chicago. Now, I'm not going to lie, Chicago was never on the very top of my travel list. I always thought it would be neat, but it wasn't a super strong desire. It was a new place for me and for my husband, so I searched and Pinterested for months figuring out what to do, where to eat, where to go and we did maybe about 2 things out of the 40 things I saved. But it was still a good time. Where We Went One of the great things about Chica