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Book Review: The Big Empty

      THE BIG EMPTY by LOREN C. STEFFY Genre: Western / Rural Fiction / Small Town Publisher: Stoney Creek Publishing Group Date of Publication: May 25, 2021 Number of Pages: 304 pages  Scroll down for Giveaway! When Trace Malloy and Blaine Witherspoon collide on a desolate West Texas highway, their fender bender sets the tone for escalating clashes that will determine the future of the town of Conquistador. Malloy, a ranch manager and lifelong cowboy, knows that his occupation—and his community—are dying. He wants new- millennium opportunities for his son, even though he himself failed to summon the courage to leave familiar touchstones behind.  Witherspoon, an ambitious, Lexus-driving techie, offers a solution. He moves to Conquistador to build and run a state-of-the-art semiconductor plant that will bring prestige and high-paying technology jobs to revive the town—and advance his own career. What neithe

Rainy Travel: Mexico

 Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I've written, just been busy with work and stuff and my Mexico trip!  Mexico was on my bucket list of countries to go to, but was never near the top. The pandemic gave us little options of outside country travels, plus my good friend was going over to celebrate life so, we had to go. Here's my experience in Cancun, Mexico! The Stay We stayed at the El Dorado Royale , a beautiful resort in the Riviera Maya section of Cancun. If you know me, I'm not really a resort person, but I was glad David and I stayed here during our venture. One, because of safety reasons and two, it was a fabulous place! There were so many things to do and taste around the resort. Our room had direct access to our own section of the pool. And if we wanted to go to the beach, it was only about 20 feet away from us. There were also some top notch shows that rotated out every night, so you were always experiencing something. The staff was helpful and the food was