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Book Review: Girl in Translation

 Hello All! I feel like I'm starting to read a little slower, but I've just been pretty busy with life, work, and my second book about to come out ( eeeep !) 😊 I've been working on this for a while, and I can't wait to share it with you all! Actually, I probably can wait because I am my own worst critic. Anyways, I'm still reading, just a little slower. And the next book I will be reviewing is a classic and is pretty heavy. But I will finish it hopefully by the of this month/early next month. Anyways, back to the book I'll be talking about today. I found this book at Half Price Books , while I was walking through the aisles, letting the books tell me what I wanted to read next. I came across the title, and I really like the movie, Lost in Translation , so I picked it up, read the back, was intrigued, and took it home with me. Here's my full my review of Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok . About the Author Jean Kwok is the award-winning,  New York Times  a