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Book Blitz: Ghost Agents

    GHOST AGENTS by NITA DEBORDE Categories: Science Fiction / Cozy Mystery / Paranormal / Texas History  Series:  The Ghost Agents Trilogy Publisher: Mabelonia Press Date of Publication: July 31, 2021 Number of Pages: 309 pages  Scroll down for Giveaway! An organization that has operated in secret for centuries... a mystery that threatens to burn it all to the ground… and she’s the only agent who can stop it… To the residents and tourists of Galveston Island, Claire Abelard is the friendly young woman who works at the local candy store by day and leads ghost tours of the island’s haunted locations by night. They don’t realize this persona is a cover for Claire’s real job as an agent of the Bureau for Historical Preservation, a clandestine organization that monitors and assists energy projections, or the entities more commonly known as “ghosts.” When projections begin disappearing from around the island, Claire worries that history