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Manga Monday: The Girl from the Other Side

 Hey All! I'm back with another Manga Monday that I've been meaning to do since I finished the series in November. But you know, holidays, winter, work, all the adulting things and commitments, bleh . But I finally was able to come around to it, now I want to talk about it, so vamanos , let's go! WARNING: SOME SPOILERS AHEAD!! Some Background The Girl from the Other Side is manga written and drawn by Mangaka, Nagabe . It was serialized in the monthly manga magazine, Monthly Comic Garden , from September 2015 to March 2021. Our story follows Shive, a white-haired, eccentric little girl who is abandoned in a forest. Shiva then meets a beast who seems much nicer than the others. She calls him Teacher. And thus, their journey begins.   My Thoughts I was first drawn to this story because I was looking for something like The Ancient Magus' Bride and was immediately directed to The Girl from the Other Side. I then became more curious because of the artwork. The art in this

Book Review: The Sparrows of Montenegro

         THE SPARROWS OF MONTENEGRO by BJ MAYO Categories: Western / Historical Fiction / Texas Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Date of Publication: February 8, 2022 Number of Pages: 312 pages  Scroll down for Giveaway! Tree “Bigfoot” Smith and Cedar Jones first meet on the day they join the US Cavalry’s Fourth Cavalry Regiment based out of the Historic Fort Concho in what is now San Angelo, Texas, in 1870. Their journey takes them into the heart of the dangerous Llano Estacado region known as the Comancheria. The area is ruthlessly defended by a band of Quahadi Comanche and their stoic leader, Lonely Horse. The Troop encounters a large group of Comanches and the gun-running Comancheros at Mushaway Mountain, close to Gail, Texas. A quick battle ensues that leaves eight men dead. Post Cavalry life finds Tree Smith and Cedar Jones as cowhand and cook on the large Rolling J cattle ranch in South Texas borderi