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Book Blitz: Brutal Season

    BRUTAL SEASON The Seasons Mysteries Series #4 BY MARYANN MILLER NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! Police Procedural / Mystery Publisher: MCM Enterprises Coming April 10, 2023 Scroll down for Giveaway! Eighteen-year-old Jamel Frederickson is shot and killed by a white, rookie Dallas police officer. His crime? Being black and mentally ill. Following that unwarranted death, anger, and violence erupts on the streets, leading to the murders of two protestors who were marching around the downtown federal building. Detectives Sarah Kingsly and Angel Johnson are thrust into the investigation of those murders, while desperately clinging to the threads of their partnership. The shootings also raise questions about whether the alt-right white supremacists that invaded the city with their guns and inflammatory rhetoric are responsible. Will more people get killed? Is there more than one person out there with an agenda? When a member of the team, Ryan O’Donnell, is shot while attempting to prevent

Manga Monday: Shuna's Journey

 This is technically not a manga and it's more of an illustrated story that's not exactly for children, but I'm going to put it under my Manga Monday category anyways. I found this book while I was wandering around Books-a-Million in Arkansas and when I saw "Miyazaki" on the book I knew I needed this so that I could read it and claim it as part of my Studhio Ghibli collection. Now, this book was made 2 years before Studhio Ghibli was founded and it came to be the only illustrated story that Miyazaki ever published. Without further-or-do, let's get into this beautifully tragic gem.  About the Author  Hayao Miyazaki is a Japanese animator, director, producer, screenwriter, author, and manga artist. He is a co-founder of Studio Ghibli where he has attained international acclaim as a masterful storyteller and is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished filmmakers in the history of animation.   About the Book   Shuna's Journey is a one-volume watercolo

Book Blitz: Murder's Legacy Cover Reveal!

  Murder’s Legacy A Tori Winters Mystery, Book 2 By Anita Dickason   NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ! Mystery / Women Sleuths Publisher: Mystic Circle Books Coming February 16, 2023   Scroll down for Giveaway!     Secrets that defy time! An inconceivable disaster brings Tori Winters’s plans for the historic house she inherited to a traumatic standstill. A section of the escape tunnel built by her great-grandfather, a notorious Dallas gangster, has collapsed. Within the rubble, there is a gruesome discovery. A skeleton with a bullet hole in the skull. The shocking cave-in triggers an ominous scheme to condemn her property as accusations arise that the tunnel is dangerous. Embattled, Tori soon discovers that more than the destruction of the house is on the line. It seems she can’t escape the past. It keeps clawing its way into her life with deadly consequences. Who hides in the shadows with a motive for murder? And … is Tori the target?   CLICK TO PRE-ORDER!