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Rainy Thoughts: Airbnb

Hello everyone! It rained last night here in Texas, which is nice because we really needed it. Some quick updates before I begin today's topic: My book is being proofread as we speak (keep up with updates by subscribing to my author website )! I have also become a Shutterstock Contributor , so check out the few photos I have right now of Japan's countryside. Other than that, things have been kind of crazy, but not too bad. So today I'm going to talk about Airbnb ! I recently started using Airbnb and I thought it might be helpful for those of you out there wanting to know how Airbnb works and if it's a good option for your next trip. Why I first used Airbnb  I first decided to use Airbnb when my husband and I were planning our trip to Japan. I was in charge of getting our room and I remember seeing Airbnb commercials recently and was hearing more and more of my friends using this service. I quickly looked through the Airbnb's in Japan and compared th

Book Review: What's Your Story? by Marion Bauer

So, things in life are happening, so we'll see if this month I'll get back on my usual schedule. But until then, I have a new book review just for you! (and you, and you, and you!). As some of you may or may not know, I am currently writing my book. Actually, it's almost done. I just ordered my draft copy last week, so we'll see how that goes. If you would like to keep up with that new or like to see pictures of cats, quotes, nature and some of the weird and pretty things I find, then subscribe to my author page ! So, have any of you ever thought of writing a book? Well, I can tell you reading a book about writing a book was not my first reading choice, but it was a good choice and I'm glad my friend gifted it to me for my birthday. Here is my review of What's Your Story? A Young Person's Guide to Writing Fiction by Marion Baurer . A Little Bit of Background  Let's take a quick look at author Marion Bauer. Bauer has been writing since the high s