Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Rainy Thoughts: Nostalgia

So, I've been thinking about this blog topic for a while. I feel like it really resonates with me now more than really any other time in my least for now. I keep seeing more and more nostalgic things come into play. Some of these things are MTV's 90's House, where a group of people have to live and dress like they are in the 1990's. We have comebacks of 90's shows, such as Rocko's Modern Life and the conclusion movie of Hey Arnold! We also have fashion trends finding their back, platform shoes and the acceptability of overalls. It's an interesting concept, but the fact is, there's so much nostalgia around us. I find this interesting and sometimes weird. But I have a theory to why there's so much of this nostalgia going on. At least of a couple of them.

Theory: Everything Moved too Fast

What I mean by this is, during the late 1980's to1990's, things were more tech-free, which in return makes people feel like it was a simpler time. Our parents weren't shoving pictures down people's throats on social media or texting and driving. We called when we did and we played games with each other in person. Then technology started moving at a very fast pace. We started getting iPods, AOL chats, Friendster. Then phones started becoming more affordable, then cars started getting smaller, and iPods started to hold more music. VHS tapes turned into DVD's that then turned into Blue-Rays and are now turning into 4K. When you think about it, our world has vastly changed in the past 20 something years. Shows are different, our food is different and our lifestyle has completely changed. 

When you think about it, Nostalgia comes from when we long for something or we miss something. Sometimes I think we miss too many things because so many things changed so fast. Right when we started enjoying one thing, it changed on us in sometimes a dramatic way. 

Now People are Making Money off Nostalgia

If people can make a buck, they will. Why do you think there's 80's and 90's show merchandise at your local Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Target, etc. Why are there so many shows making a comeback, such as  The Power Puff Girls, or continuations of old shows like Fuller House? Because it sells and makes money! People like finding out what happened to their beloved characters and how they would react in today's world. So people are selling it and they are making money so they will continue to feed us nostalgia. and we will continue to indulge in it.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, is nostalgia a bad thing? Not necessarily, it's something we feel tied too and that is perfectly acceptible. Everyone feels nostalgia from time to time. Do I think this generation likes nostalgia a little too much? I do, I think we are living too much in the past, and trying to make it current again, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Are people collecting money from nostalgia? Yes, they are and I'm one of their customers. Will nostalgia ever stop? Not as long as we have memories of the past and the internet. 

Well, I hope you liked this post and remember, there was a time when Hello Kitty had a mouth.