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Book Review: Stork Bite

  STORK BITE by L.K. Simonds Genre: Historical Fiction / Southern Fiction  Date of Publication: November 30, 2020  Number of Pages : 359 pages Scroll down for Giveaway! “Everything has to be reconciled eventually.”  Caddo Parish, 1913. On an October morning, a Klansman confronts seventeen-year-old David Walker at a hidden oxbow lake where he has gone to hunt. David accidentally kills the man and hides the crime. His determination to protect his family from reprisal drives him far from home and into manhood.  Shreveport, 1927.  Cargie (rhymes with Margie) Barre and Mae Compton are two vastly different young women, but both are defying convention to reach for their dreams. The men in Cargie’s and Mae’s lives help and hinder them in more ways than one. After years in hiding, David Walker finally resurfaces, and we discover the past is never as far from the present as it seems.   PRAISE FOR STORK BITE: "Simonds is a wonderfully talente

Book Review: House of the Rising Sun

  HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN by Richard Cox Category: Techno Thriller / Science Fiction / Adventure Publisher: Night Shade Books Date of Publication: July 27, 2020 Number of Pages: 408 pages Scroll down for Giveaway! Both a frightening apocalyptic story set in the southern United States and a character-focused, deeply moving literary thriller. What would happen if technology all over the world suddenly stopped working? When a strange new star appears in the sky, human life instantly grinds to a halt. Across the world, anything and everything electronic stops working completely. At first, the event seems like a bizarre miracle to Seth Black--it interrupts his suicide attempt and erases gambling debt that threatened to destroy his family. But when Seth and his wife, Natalie, realize the electricity isn't coming back on, that their food supplies won't last, they begin to wonder how they and their two sons will survive. Meanwhile, screenwriter Thoma