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Rainy Thoughts: Texas Strong

No, it's not raining this time while I write this. Though, it did rain pretty bad a couple of weeks ago south from where I live. Hurricane Harvey struck down the southern region of Texas, from Rockport to Houston, Texas. It's a pretty bad incident, one we weren't too prepared for. Luckily, Texas is known for it's hospitality. Photo Courtesy of Time Magazine When danger strikes us cold, it's a very tragic, yet realizational moment. During and post days of the hurricane, neighbors were and are still helping each other. There were strangers helping other strangers. People sharing their boats, their coats, directions and anything else they could. The cities that weren't affect have been collecting donations, starting fundraisers, volunteering at shelter and doing what they can. Photo Courtesy of CNN It's really times like these, unfortunately, that bring people together. Here in Texas, people and businesses have been supporting the victims of H