Friday, October 13, 2017

Book Review: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Hello everyone! Yes, I have finally gotten around to doing a new book review! I wanted to ask you all a question first, do you think I should switch to wordpress or even Wix? I've been thinking of doing this for a while now, but I can't make up my mind. I'm fine with a really simple blog, but sometimes I don't feel like I can be as creative with my blog. I also don't want to lose all my content. Let me know your thoughts or suggestions! Anyways, onto the review! (SPOILER ALERT)

A Little Bit of Background

Charlaine Harris is a New York Times bestselling author who has been wriitng for the the past 30 years. She published her firstbookin 1981 entitled Sweet and Deadly. She published Dead until Dark in may of 2001,which started the Sookie Steakhouse series that spanned from 2001 to 2013. The book went on that year to receive the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Mystery. The series was then picked up by HBO and transformed the Sookie Steakhouse series into the popular show True Blood, which spanned 30 seasons.

The Dead unti Dark book starts off the Sookie Steakhouse Series by introducing the main characters, Sookie and vampire Bill.  Sookie is a small town waitress in Louisiana who has a peculiar ability. All turns upside down when the new vampire in-town shows up, along with a pecuiar string of murders.

What was enjoyable

There were tons of things to like about this book. One being that this was not a corny vampire book. It was like reading a murder mystery novel, but with vampires. It wasn't all Twilight, but it wasn't all Blood Ties, it was somewhere in the middle. 

Something else I enjoyed was that the auhtor does a great job at making a whole civilization out of the vampires and integrating them into the human world. Being a vampire normalish, though people still find it wierd. They drink blood at the cafes, they have thierown clubs ad they also have statuses, etc. It can definitly be hard to create world like this, but Harris does wonders with it.

What was least enjoyable

If you guys have read my other reviews, then you know that I am picky when it comes to dialogue. I feel that dialouge is key in creating a great book. Now, I didn't have a problem with the dialogue in this book, but when it came to the sex parts, one might say it felt awkard. "...turning his attention to my breasts. He toed off his sandals at some point."
(Side Note: I just don't find men in sandals attractive.)

The other least enjoyable thing was that there is a part where Sookie finds a stray dog. The whole stray dog part felt a little drawn out.


Overall, I liked this book. It was ike a littler roller coaster. I was really captivated at some point and a couple other points brought me down, but the good outweighed the bad for this one. I have actually been wanting to read these books, because I've always wanted to watch True Blood. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series, so more reviews to come in this series later on! If you are into vampire books, put this on your list of books to read and check out your local bookstore or library. Until next review, Happy Reading!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Rainy Thoughts: Community College

Hello everyone! It's raining once again here in Dallas and I'm loving it because my car gets a wash! I also love it, because rain really puts me in the mood to write (and to sleep). I'm still reading the book I started at the beginning of September, but should be done next week. I've been busy because I got a job! (eeep!) So between three jobs, I've been pretty busy, but I really want to keep up with my blog. Next week, I will have a new book review done, but this week it's another Rainy thoughts! Topic of the day: Community College.

"Oh, you went to community college, no shame in that"

This is one of the sayings I get when I tell people I went to community college. Why do community colleges have this weird rep? I personally loved my community college. Palo Alto alumni! (not the one in Silicon Valley). I learned so much and had a ton of opportunities from my professors. One of my professors had us all register to vote, had local politicians come in to talk to us and had us walk in the Cesar Chavez march as a grade. One of my other professors had us create a big event for the college, brought in professionals to talk to our class and we even got to attend a state conference. Going to community college didn't hurt me, it made me realize all of the opportunities I have in life.

"I just wanted to fy by my community college time"

Believe it or not, I wish community college lasted longer! I didn't just go to college and then leave, I made some good friends that I am connected with all over social media. The college also felt, just like the title suggest, a community. When I went to my 4 year college, it was larger and even though I ejoyed my time their, it just wasn't the same. Palo Alto was so close knit and everyone knew one another. 

"I just took my basics and went straight to a four year college"

Not too many people actually get their Associates degree, but I did. I know in this day and age, people think Associates are useless, but they do add some value. I also get to say I have three different degrees and that's pretty cool. I also walked the stage for my degree, along with the rest of my colleagues. I didn't think it would feel special, but walking that stage with my blueish greenish cap and gown, I felt pretty proud of myself. I was half way there. I wasn't able to walk the stage for my four year college, unfortunately because I graduated in the summer and I don't feel like going back after 4 months of being gone. So I'm glad I was able to walk for my associates.


No, going to a community college wasn't in my plan, but I'm glad I ended up their. Sure,  it's probably not for everyone, and if you get the chance to have your college paid for, then go to a four year college! But if you want to save some money, then try a commuity college. It's better than how some people percieve it to be. Who knows, you might just end up on a hall of fame wall!

Palo Alto Communication Majors Hall of Fame
(I'm 2nd row from the bottom, 3rd from the right)