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Book Blitz: The Aquamarine Surfboard

    THE AQUAMARINE SURFBOARD by KELLYE ABERNATHY Middle Grade / Magical Realism / Fantasy Publisher: Atmosphere Press Page Count: 290 pages Publication Date: November 22, 2021 Scroll down for a giveaway! “Age never matters; these things are about bravery and heart.” Thirteen-year-old Condi Bloom’s dream is to learn to surf, but her laid-back beach town isn’t what it used to be. Big resort owners are taking over the cove. Worse, someone’s harassing the Beachlings, the mysterious old women living in the cliffs off Windy Hollow, a lonely tower of rock that people say is haunted. When a new surfer boy named Trustin shows up in town and invites Condi to a forbidden surfing spot, she’s swept into an extraordinary underwater adventure, where a surprising encounter with Koan, the Riddlemaster of the Sea, changes her life. Along with Trustin, his quirky twin and a mystical aquamarine surfboard, Condi learns the untold stories of the Beachlings, uncovering the timeless secrets of Windy Hollow.

Book Review: The Fifth Daughter of Thorn Ranch

  THE FIFTH DAUGHTER OF THORN RANCH by Julia Brewer Daily Women's Fiction / Contemporary Western / Family Saga Publisher: Admission Press Pages: 322 pages Publication Date: November 1, 2022 SCROLL DOWN FOR GIVEAWAY! Emma Rosales is the heiress of the largest ranch in Texas—The Thorn. All the responsibilities of managing a million acres now fall into her fifth-generation hands. A task Emma could handle with her eyes closed…if The Thorn were any ordinary property. The Thorn is home to many things. Clear, cloudless skies. Miles of desert scrub and craggy mountains. A quiet disrupted only by whispers of the wind. And an ancient web of secrets won’t let Emma out alive without a fight. The Fifth Daughter of Thorn Ranch is a family saga as large as the state of Texas. First off, I was so excited when I saw that Julia Daily had a new book out. I read and reviewed her first book, No Names to Be Given , and was immediately sucked into her story and characters. After reading her newest book