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Rainy Thoughts: Finding a Job After College

There have been lots of articles and stories about how hard it is for some people to find a job. Let me tell you, it's true. At least it was for me. In college, I had internships and jobs that were closely related to my degree. I created one of the top 8 capstones in my senior class and I kept close ties with everyone I met. I thought finding a job after college was going to be easy, and in truth, I was one of the ones that landed a full-time position in my degre field a month after I graduated. But I got that job because I knew someone who knew the manager who needed someone asap. Either way, I got the job. It was defintily not my dream job and it was for a start-up company. I had my own office,  my own money, my own hours, it was great! It was great up until they decided they didn't want to spend money on me and wanted to hire someone for cheap instead and let me go! But I wasn't too sad, because I found out the next day that I was moving back to my hometown, so I t

Book Review: Poetic Insights Through the Journey of Life

Hey guys! I've been so busy, with my new job, my first book just came out ( which you can pick up now by clicking this hyperlink ) going on vacation and just life in general! But I really want to get back into my blog. And I've been meaning to do a review from a fellow Self-publishing author, DeAsia N.L Zellner. Ms Zellner asked me to do a review, and here I am! Read on for the review of Poetic Insights Through the Journey of Life . A little bit of background DeAsia has experienced so many different situations throughout her life. She decided to write her experiences out in a poetry book to express how she felt about it all. DeAsia is not just an author, but also has her MBA and MHA, and is a mentor at MSTRS New York . What was enjoyable I really enjoyed and appreciated the honesty of DeAsia. I felt like she was being brutally honest and was not holding anything back from what she experienced and felt. IT really felt like you were reading from a crazy movie. What w