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Book Review: The Rainwater Secret by Monica Shaw

THE RAINWATER SECRET by Monica Shaw Genre: Historical Fiction / Medical Missionaries Publisher: Self-Published Date of Publication: March 31, 2017 Number of Pages: 354 Scroll down for the giveaway! T he Rainwater Secret is a deeply moving, historical fiction novel about a woman who travels to Africa to teach the leper children who were banished from their villages. Single and feeling there is nothing left for her in small-town England, Anna embarks on an adventure as a volunteer teacher with the Medical Missionaries of Mary. Life as Anna has known it is forever changed as she learns the culture that would banish its sick, disfigured, and crippled to the bush. Babies are left to die on roadsides, children are chased away to live by whatever means they can find. The aged are abandoned. Anna’s daily life is an adventure as she travels from one village to another across a hostile land with few passable roads, rickety bridges

Book Review: A Stamp of Heaven by Julia Robb

  THE STAMP OF HEAVEN by JULIA ROBB   Genre: Historical Fiction / Civil War Publisher: self-published Date of Publication: February 19, 2019 Number of Pages: 196 Scroll down for Giveaway!    The Union Army wants former Confederate Army general Beau Kerry for alleged war crimes, but he’s hiding out where the Yankees least expect to find him: in the United States Cavalry. Beau is fighting Apaches out West and praying nobody recognizes his famous face. But Lieutenant Kerry's luck changes when he runs into Sergeant Ike Jefferson and says, "The last time I saw you, I had you bent over a barrel and I was whipping you.” Ike is not only Beau's best friend (or worst enemy, depending on the day), he's Beau's former slave -- and Ike knows there’s a $5000 price on Beau’s head. Caroline Dietrich has vengeance on her mind. Married to Colonel Wesley Dietrich, the Union fort commander, Caroline believes the best path to getting rev