Friday, July 14, 2017

Rainy Thoughts: Ramen and People an Analogy

Hey everyone! It's been sunshine and rainbows in Texas during the day, but at night, thunder storms have been going off like crazy! Anyways, I'm half way done with school and I couldn't be more excited and terrrified (job wise) at the same time. Also, found my wedding dress (squeal). I have been in college for four years now and never have I once felt like a typical college kid in regards to food. I love to cook and frozen dinners just don't cut it for me (except pizza, mmm Totinos!).  For lunch, it's a different story, I eat what is there. So I decided to make ramen, stove top.

When I was younger, my mom use to cook ramen for me when I was sick or just as a lunch. When she would make it for me, she would break up the ramen into little pieces before putting it into the hot water on the stove. I use to think everyone ate ramen like this, until I went to my bestfriend's house. Her name is Shelby and when she made ramen noodles, I was surprised to see she didn't break the noodles at all! She just plopped it in there all at once.

Another incident about ramen was when I went to my fiance's house for the first time. His niece was eating ramen without the soup part!Just noodles! It then hit me, while I was cooking the ramen, that ramen can be a analogy for people.

Different people like to eat the same things but in different ways. Some people like having their ice cream in a cone, some like them in cup. Some people like folding their pizza in a taco, some people like using a knife and a fork. And some people like using the stove top to cook there ramen, while others like the microwave. Some people even choose shrimp flavored ramen over chicken!

As people, we may look different, sound different, have different background, hairstyles and skin color. But mostly all of us like to eat chicken, some put soy sauce in it, some cumin and garlic, and some with basil and oregano. No matter how we cook it, we all like the main ingredient, chicken. Thus, we are people that like the same things, but maybe just a tad different, and that's okay, because that is what makes us unique. We should be embacing and trying out how amazing these different recipes are, rather than shewing them away because they are different.

Ramen, it's more than just cheap food, it related to life. Enjoi!


  1. I only started eating ramen when I was in college! I remember eating it with my roommates together with a Korean side dish called Kimchi. Sometimes my friends would put egg or cheese in it, and it would taste even better. I like your analogy of ramen and people; our differences make us interesting. Thanks for writing, Amanda! :)

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Yes, I now put more spices and veggies in my ramen lol gives it some fluff! Thank you :)

  2. I like to put the ramen with my own sauce and veggies in a jar, then add hot water when I'm ready to eat it! Congratulations on finishing school and moving on to great and big things!