Rainy Thoughts: Los Spurs

I happen to write these blogs when it rains or when it looks like it's going to rain. It's nice and kind of suspicious. Anyways, if you're into basketball, then you know that the Spurs lost last night to the Golden State Warriors. At the end of the game, everyone cheered and shouted for Manu Ginobli. He has played with the Spurs since he was drafted in 1999. Even though the Golden State was ahead, everyone appreciated Manu for all the years he contributed to his team. It's being speculated that this will be his last season, but it's still not been confirmed. Either way, those people in the arena, and those people posting about Manu and how they're still spurs fans, those are real fans. If you don't know Spurs fans, then you don't know real dedication, as you can see in the pictures below.

Spurs wedding. Courtesy of Spurs Twitter account.

Spurs quinceanera. Photo from My San Antonio Express News.

Photo from Instagram account @c_always_wright.
This made me think about how much I miss being part of my home team. If you've read my earlier posts, then you know that I recently moved from San Antonio to Dallas about a year ago. If you haven't, well now you know! There is a big difference in Mavs fans (Dallas) and Spurs fans. When I was in San Antonio, everyone, with the exception of a few, are Spurs fans and they aren't afraid to show it. There's Spurs merchandise in restaurants, spurs commercials from H-E-B (supermarket), and I always saw at least one person a day with a spurs shirt or jersey on.

Having  been in Dallas the last year and a half, I've noticed one big thing. Dallas is a beautiful and very cultured city, and its super big. With a city as big as Dallas, it's a little hard to feel apart of a smaller community. I can go days without seeing a Mavs shirt. This makes me miss my Spurs family. Yes, spurs family, it's a hashtag.

Spurs fans are the best, in my opinion, because no matter what color we are, how much money we have, whether we're democrat, republican, green party, independent, whether we are on the south, east, west or north side, at the end of the day, we ALL go honking when our team wins. We're a family. We all have spurs shirts, coyote stuffed animals and have painted our nails black and silver. And whether or not we're winning, we all shout GO SPURS GO!

(As a side note, Curry really needs to stop chewing on his mouth guard.)


  1. I'm not a sports fan by any way, shape, or form, but I definitely understans that beed for a family! I've slowly gathered my own family around me over the last couple of months, and it's AMAZING.

    Thank you so much for sharing!


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