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My name is Amanda and I love to read and to write. I decided in 2016 that I wanted to start a blog, so I started with my very first book review on the ever famous, Phantom of the Opera. I have since expanded my blog to the book review and, what I call, Rainy thoughts. My blog is always in progress as well as everything else in life. My blog is part of my creative outlet and I'm having fun doing this.

When I'm not writing blogs or reading or working as a Content Market I enjoy making videos for my YouTube Channel, playing video games, hiking, eating brunch, watching anime and hanging out with family and friends.



  1. Hi Julie, my name is Summer Friesen. I am a newly published author of my series "The Book of Thieves." I have been struggling to get reviews for my first book (Joker's Game) and was really hoping if you would be so kind as to read it and provide honest feedback. Ironically, one of my friends recommended you to me! If you're interested, I can email you a free copy of my book

    It is a fantasy novel with a hair of action and coming-of-age themes. The series follows the story of a young main character Abell that inherits a book capable of magic. And despite his natural good nature and protection, he is quite destined for evil. Warning: The themes of the novel do darker with progress.


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