Book Talk | Fearless Fourteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel

 He ya'll! We're back again with another book from the Stephanie Plum series. I actually read this one a tiny bit out of order. I was supposed to be reading the St.Patrick's Day "in-between" book, but I wanted to save it for closer to St.Patrick's day, but I had an itch to read some Stephanie Plum, so I went rouge and went on to the next book. But don't worry, I'll get back to St.Patrick's book when it's closer to February/March. Anyways, let's talk about this book.

About the Author

Janet Evanovich has been and still is a #1 New York Times best seller for multiple books she has put out over the years. Her first installment of the Stephanie Plum series is called One for the Money, which was released in 1994 (the year before I was born), and is still going with Dirty Thirty, the 34th book in the series. Fearless Fourteen is the 17th book in the Stephanie Plum series (inlcuding the Holiday specials) which came out in June 2008.

 If you haven't heard of the Stephanie Plum series, it is basically about a young, bounty hunter from New Jersey just wanting to pay her rent and not wanting to have a regular 9-5 job, a.k.a not the button factory!


About the Story 

Stephanie’s desperate for a bit of extra cash.  That means working odd jobs for her mentor, and greatest temptation, Ranger.  It also means she needs to find out if millions of stolen dollars are really buried in her boyfriend and cop, Joe Morelli’s, basement.  Someone else thinks the loot is hidden there, and he’s willing to kill for it.

Between body guarding high-maintenance celebrities and babysitting Moonman Murphy and his potato cannon, it’s starting to seem like all the money in the world isn’t enough.


Book Talk 

I think I said this on my last review, but I love the way the story keeps progressing with time. In the fourteenth installment of this series, bounty hunter reality shows are a big thing and it took me back to watching Dog The Bounty Hunter and other shows alike and how I learned more about bounty hunters that way than I did at any other point in time. We also have people using security cameras, cell phones, etc. There's still some dated things, but it's just cool to see a long running series adapt and change with the times without aging too much in the story timeline. 

As time goes on for a long-running story, sometimes things can seem like they're getting dull. Jokes get old, running plot lines can get old, even characters can sometimes feel like they are losing their magic...but not Stephanie Plum. Evanovich does a tremendous job of keeping long-time readers engaged and interested not only in the current story, but future ones as well through great character development. fun story lines, and fresh comedic relief. 

With most stories and shows, I tend to not be too keen on new characters, especially right away, BUT I actually really don't mind any of the new characters that we meet in this book...and we meet A LOT. We have Morelli's young cousin, Zook, we have the 80's popstar Brenda, we have Brenda's weird cousin, we have Zook's mom and uncle, we have a full house of new characters and none of them bothered me much. They all bring a fresh of breath air to the series and brought a whole-Lotta chaos for this particular story. 

Overall, Janevt Evanovich stories are a fun time and Fearless Fourteen is no exception. If you haven't picked up a Stephanie Plum book and you decide to randomly pick this one up, you won't be disappointed. It's a fun and wild read and I can't wait to read the next one! Until next time, Happy Reading!



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