Rainy Travel: Mexico

 Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I've written, just been busy with work and stuff and my Mexico trip! 

Mexico was on my bucket list of countries to go to, but was never near the top. The pandemic gave us little options of outside country travels, plus my good friend was going over to celebrate life so, we had to go. Here's my experience in Cancun, Mexico!

The Stay

We stayed at the El Dorado Royale, a beautiful resort in the Riviera Maya section of Cancun. If you know me, I'm not really a resort person, but I was glad David and I stayed here during our venture. One, because of safety reasons and two, it was a fabulous place! There were so many things to do and taste around the resort. Our room had direct access to our own section of the pool. And if we wanted to go to the beach, it was only about 20 feet away from us. There were also some top notch shows that rotated out every night, so you were always experiencing something. The staff was helpful and the food was so good!10/10 definitely recommend.

 The Food 

The food was so good and so different from the TexMex I'm use to consuming. I'm from Texas and the Mexican food we have is very TexMex, meaning cheese, spices, and more cheese. It's loaded and it's delicious. I tried many different foods in Mexico, including food made by a Mayan village, and it was all very tasty, but different. The portion size for one is smaller, which isn't bad, but if you're from the U.S., you might want seconds. The taste is more natural. For instance, if it was a grilled piece of pork, the tasted relied on the smoke from the grill and maybe a small pinch of spice. Not a lot of spices, just enough. And not really any cheese only in tortilla soup, which I was surprised to see is a local favorite! I appreciated the culinary difference and I know you'll love it too.

The Excursions

 We took two excursions while in Mexico. The first one was a whole cultural tour that took us through the ruins of Tulum, the pyramids of Coba, and into the jungle to a small Mayan village. It also took us up and down a handful or more resorts. This was the part I didn't like. It took 3 HOURS to pick up everyone. But besides the brutal pick-up drive, it was worth experiencing the Mayan culture. We learned a lot and were able to immerse ourselves. We also got to jump into a cenote where we supposedly got back a few years of our life. We were also blessed by Mayan Shamans.

Our second excursion involved us going to Xplor park where we had a pretty big adventure. We ziplined, road around 3 miles in a dune buggy type of car, swam under water and ziplined again in hammocks. It was an all day affair and one I would completely do all over again if we came again!

The Safety

So, safety was something I was nervous about. I had listened to a few podcasts that there were some shootings in Tulum recently that got me a little worried. BUT one of the youtubers I watched talked about how they were in Mexico and back in there hometown, a shooting broke out. Therefore, things happen anywhere, so you should just live your life. But be cautious too. I felt very safe in Cancun and all staff and tour guides wherever we went were friendly and never made me feel uncomfortable. 


Overall, it was a fun and adventurous trip that I was glad we had the opportunity to take. It was fun, beautiful and captivating. There never was a dull moment in Mexico from the time we boarding our shuttle to the resort where they passed out Modelo, to the calmness of the blue ocean, it was a trip I won't soon forget. I would definitely come back and I recommend to anyone who is thinking about taking the trip to Mexico. Until next adventure or book review, happy reading and travels!


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