Book Review: The Truth About Magic

 Hey everyone! I'm back with another review for you. Little update, still waiting for my book cover to be finished so I can finally release my second book. I also am feeling like I should get back into creating my emails. It's been a while, but I guess better late than never? Anyways, onto the review!

A little bit about the author

Atticus is a writer, traveler, and an ametur winemaker. He writes beautiful poetry, and his words make you feel like you are not alone. Other than this, I don't know much about him. He gives us glimpses into his life with his words, but he does keep himself private, which I respect. Although, he does have this older interview that you can read. 


Beautiful. Atticus has a true way with words. The way he writes captures the reader's emotions from the present or the distant past and reminds you of everything you ever felt. 

"Travel and love
are worth the sacrifice
for a life without them
is a life unexplored."

The Truth About Magic will make you believe in magic again, as we explore different sections of magic according to Atticus. Some poems are one sentence, while others take up half the page. Either way, our author possesses this capability to reach into your emotions with either one sentence or many. Each poems gets it's point acorss, and each one will have you relating back to a memory or two. 

"There will always be that moment
when we look at someone
for the first time in love with them."

As a woman, I also really appreciated Atticus' "Her" category of magic. It's a woman empowering section that reminded me of the magic I felt as a little girl dreaming of fantasy life. I then was reminded that I too am magic by just being me.

"In her heart
and soul
she set fire to all things
that held her back
and from the ashes
she stepped
into who she always was."

If you're looking for a relatable and uplifting poetry book, you'll need this one of your shelf. From it's cover to it's outside, you'll be in love with all the words that come out of each page. There is no weak poem in this book, just ones that stand out more than others. And the ones that stand out, depend on you. Until next time, Happy Reading. 


  1. I like poetry but don't read enough of it. Sounds like this is a good book. Might have to check out some of his stuff.

  2. The Truth About Magic looks and sounds perfectly lovely.

  3. I wish I could get into enjoying poetry, I've tried numerous times but I can't. Such a shame as some sound amazing and then I start reading and they just don't mean anything to me.


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