Book Review: The Love Note


Joanna Davidson Politano
Genre: Christian / Historical Fiction / Romance
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: October 20, 2020
Number of Pages: 400
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Focused on a career in medicine and not on romance, Willa Duvall is thrown slightly off course during the summer of 1859 when she discovers a never-opened love letter in a crack of her old writing desk. Compelled to find the passionate soul who penned it and the person who never received it, she takes a job as a nurse at the seaside estate of Crestwicke Manor. Everyone at Crestwicke has feelings—mostly negative ones—about the man who wrote the letter, but he seems to have disappeared. With plenty of enticing clues but few answers, Willa's search becomes even more complicated when she misplaces the letter and it passes from person to person in the house, each finding a thrilling or disheartening message in its words. Laced with mysteries large and small, this romantic Victorian-era tale of love lost, love deferred, and love found is sure to delight.

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well and staying safe in these crazy times we are living in. I, for one, have been learning to get out of my shell and dabbling in multiple different things, such as Calligraphy and YouTube. I've also been reading different genres of books that I've never really given a chance. For instance, I am not the first person who wants to read Pride & Prejudice or watch Downton Abbey. The Victorian era, old time, love story just doesn't appeal to me in the way a true crime or mystery novel does. But I did find myself reading the same kind of stories a lot this year, so I decided to go out of my comfort zone and read a couple of books that are out of my norm with the first book being The Love Note by Joanna Davidson Politano.

So when I first saw that this book was a Christian, Historical Fiction, Romance book, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it while reading to be honest. But the synopsis did sound appealing so I went for it. I ended up loving the whole concept of this book as it focuses on a woman that is wary of finding love and being a wife because she doesn't want that to get in the way of her career and dream of being a doctor. I feel like we do get a lot of these tropes in new media, but not in the sense that the woman wants to pursue her educations, it's more of she is a superhero and that's what she wants to be. Which that is fine, but a more realistic strong, independent woman who also wants love is someone we don't see all the time.

This leads me into loving the main character, Willa Duvall. I feel like women who are career driven and focused are portrayed as these older spinsters who care about only their work and nothing else. That is not true in Politano's book. We find that the main character has a compassionate heart towards everyone around her. She admires horses, she loves her father and she is helpful. She isn't this stereotypical business woman. Willa also wants to find love, but because it's 1865 and people had pretty strict ideals of what a man and a woman's place was in this world, she did not think anyone would let her be her while still being a wife. It's interesting to see how this character deals with her wants and her needs.

"I was not like other girls, seeking shelter under some man's roof-I secretly craved a taste of deeply authentic love, but I also wanted the stars and open sky."

I also was surprised at how many twists and turns this book has to offer. Just when you find out one event in one chapter, a whole other event pops up in the next chapter. The author does a great job of putting everything together and creating an atmosphere of uncertainty at it's best.
The author also inputs these quotes from a scientist's observation on love in the beginning of each chapter under the chapter number. I found this to be unique and it gave a sense of what the chapter was going to touch on and where we were heading as a whole with the story. By doing this, you can really feel the great lengths the author went to put into details and make her book stand out. As a reader, I appreciate these little touches and enjoyed reading the quotes. The quote below was my favorite one.

"Love is not limited to romance, nor is happiness reserved for marriage." 
- A scientist's observation on love

The one and only complaint I have was that I kept getting two characters mixed up. That could just be me though, as I can get confused easily. But other than that, this book was an excellent read!

Overall, I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. The plot was great, the twists are enjoyable, the quotes are a great touch and as someone who doesn't really read romance novels, I enjoyed this book very much. I recommend to any romance noel lovers out there or even for people looking for something out of their norm reading routine. Until next time, Happy Reading!






Joanna Davidson Politano is the award-winning author of Lady Jayne Disappears and A Rumored Fortune. She loves tales that capture the colorful, exquisite details in ordinary lives and is eager to hear anyone's story.
She lives with her husband and their two kids in a house in the woods near Lake Michigan. You can find her at
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  1. This is exactly the kind of review I need -- I tend to shy away from reading romances because they are too sappy or tropey. This book sounds like the perfect reading adventure for me. Thanks for the post!

  2. It is good to switch genres, it keeps me from feeling like I'm reading the same books over and over ;)

  3. Isn’t it wonderful when a book from a genre you don’t normally enjoy really works out for you? Glad you enjoyed this one.

  4. Great review. I don't read a lot of historical books but I love the Victorian era, though I don't read historical romance, more mysteries, thrillers, etc. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Great review! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

  6. i do love historical romances so will check this out


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