Book Review: Death Over Easy By Maddie Day

Hello Everyone! Have you ever walked down the mystery section of the bookstore and seen those funny covers of animals on them? There are so many of them and I've always wanted to try to read one of the series. This past Christmas, my husband finally bought me one. Here is my review on Death Over Easy by Maddie Day. SPOILER ALERT!

A Little Bit of Background

Maddie Day is an alumnus from Indiana University. She is an Agatha and Macavity nominated and bestselling author. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America. She also writes award-winning short crime fiction books, including the Country Store Mysteries. She also has an alter-ego, Edith Maxwell

Death Over Easy is Maddie's 5th instalment in her Country Store Mysteries. I have not read the other books, my husband bought me this book to start. The local restaurant owner, Robbie Jordan, is ready to have a good business week with a local music festival to South Lick Indiana, but when one murder follows another, she has to investigate.

What Was Enjoyable

If you're looking for a book that has you questioning and second guessing who the killer (s) might be, you found the book! Every time I thought I knew who the author was hinting too, by the next chapter, I questioned someone else. This murder mystery had me guessing the killer(s) up until the very end.

The characters are also a great aspect to the storyline. There are a plethora of characters you meet in this book and they all have their own personalities that really come on out in the story.  

I really felt like I was in the small town of South Lick Indiana. I may live in Texas, but I've never been a big country person, but I definitely could feel the country vibe in this work of literature.

What Was Least Enjoyable

The only thing was that at the beginning, it was a little hard to get into since it wasn't the first book and you might be a tad lost the first chapter, but then it picks up.


Overall, I definitely would recommend this read, especially if you're looking for a new series to start. Even though I started this book in the middle of the series, I think I will pick up the other books in the series. Well, until next time friends, Happy Reading!

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