Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Rainy Thoughts: Christmas with the In-Laws

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I'm in the process of so many things, one of the things is getting a house! But I'll talk about that in a different post. Anyways, my topic for today applies to those who just got married and/or those spending Christmas for the first time with your in-laws this year or just any Holiday in general. I also have a tip at the end, so if you just want to scroll down, go ahead!


So let me explain, a bit. My in-laws live 2 hours away in a different city. Currently, my husband and I live in the same city as my family and a few of his family members as well. We've been together for 5 years and this past year is when we decided to start switching holidays since we were getting married and all and we thought it would be nice to spend the Holiday time with each other rather than apart.

My niece and I

Let me tell you, I'm close with my family so the thought of not spending the holidays, especially Christmas, with them was dreadful to me. I mean, if you like your family, chances are, not seeing them on the holidays can be hard for anyone. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little sad  at first that I wasn't going to be with all of my family for the first time this year. Turns out, I wasn't too bummed out like I thought I was going to be.


Being with my husband's family felt like home. It was warm, there were laughs shared, good food abound and I didn't feel like I was my husband's wife, I felt like part of the family.  I learned how to make very yummy empanadas, went for a nice, family walk along the coastline on Christmas Eve, spent quality time with my niece and won the oreo game at the Christmas party. So my holiday felt a little normalish and I really had a good time being with my in-laws and everyone.

Christmas Eve in Corpus

Do I Have Any Tips On Splitting Holidays?

Well, you just gotta do it. Figure out a plan, aka who gets what holiday one year and then switch it the next year. And whoever gets to spend the holiday with their family, gets to the spend the weekend with the other family. Example, we spent Thanksgiving with my side of the family, so on Black Friday, we left about noon and spent the weekend with my in-laws. 

Marriage and life, in general, is about giving and taking. It can't just be your family all the time, you gotta make an effort to see your significant other's family. Chances are, you're going to have to see them the rest of your life and one day, they may be even watching your kids, so better to make peace and not war.

Yeah, it can be tough for some people, but if you're going into an open arms kind of family, it just makes it that much easier.

My little familia 

Final Thoughts

I had a really great Christmas this year. I'm so glad that I have another family to be with who have their own traditions that one day, way, way, way in the future, my kids will be blessed enough to be a part of. 

So I'll leave this hear and if you have any stories or tips or thoughts about spending the Holidays with your in-laws, please share in the comments below. And I write this at the end of all my post, but if you haven't already, consider checking out my book that's not about in-laws but deals with some pretty interesting topics. You can find it with the button below. Until next time, Happy Reading, Writing or whatever you do for fun!

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