Book Review: Gratitude: The Art of Being Thankful by Vickie Phelps

Vickie Phelps
Genre: Non-Fiction / Inspirational / Devotional
Publisher: Inspire Books
Date of Publication: July 11, 2017
Number of Pages: 92, 4.5″ x 6″
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This ninety-two-page gift book is a compilation of devotions, poems, prayers, and lists of things to be grateful for. The difference between having what you want and having what you need is a principle some people never grasp. In the reading of this book, you may realize you have much more to be grateful for than you were aware of. Use this little book as a daily devotional or pick it up at random times to remind yourself that you are a blessed individual.


 "This little gem of a book arrived before we left on vacation,
so I took it along. It became our shared devotional and 'thought
for the day' outlook...and colored our time away with gratitude.
This unique discovery is one to treasure."
5 Star Review,
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What Was Enjoyable

I am going to start this off by talking about the size of this book. It's just too adorable not to love! This is such a cute little book that is easy to put in your purse and take with you to work, dinner, ravel, or wherever you go! The author definitely went with the right size for the content when she was creating this book.

Secondly, one may enjoy the different types of format on each page. One page may be a Biblical quote, while the next page is one of the authors own testimonials and then the next page is a quote. It's a neat little surprise each time you turn the page. 

And last, this is just a nice book to keep you on track of the things you should be thankful for every day, hence the title.

 What Was Least Enjoyable

There was nothing really to not like about this book. The author is very honest and open and just really wants you to remember to be thankful. Who doesn't like being thankful?


Overall, I would definitely pick this book up for a relative, friend or co worker for the upcoming holidays or for one's birthday. It's a nice pocket book filled with something new each read and each day your read it.  Until next time, Happy Reading!
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 About the Author

Vickie Phelps writes to encourage, inspire, and influence. She has published 200 articles, devotionals, and essays in more than fifty magazines and contributed to several anthologies. Vickie is the author of the novels, Postmark From the Past, Moved, Left No Address, Waiting for Joy, and a devotional book, Psalms for the Common Man. Vickie is co-author with Jo Huddleston of the gift book, Simply Christmas, and Writing 101: A Handbook of Tips & Encouragement for Writers.

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