Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Book Review: The Dark Between Stars by Atticus

Two book reviews in one month? I'm starting actually going to become a book blogger for the Lone Star Literary Life! They are an awesome group of people who work with all kinds of Texas authors! Check them out with the button below.

Anyways, the point of me telling you that was cause I will be putting out more book reviews. May twice a month, but will still have my rainy thoughts. But enough about reviews, onto the review for today. Here is my review of The Dark Between Stars by Atticus.

                                 A Little Overview

Atticus is a very interesting person, one that I would love to interview *cough cough.* I say interesting because he doesn't talk directly about who he is on his website or social media. But I did find this interview that you might enjoy to find out much more about him. The gist, though, is that he is a Canadian poet who started writing short poems on his phone one day when he was walking the streets of Paris and then it kind of blew up from there.

The Dark Between Stars is a poetry book. It's a poetry book with lots of image/text. If you've taken an image/text class, show this to your professor as an example of what good image/text looks like.

What Was Enjoyable 

I don't really read poetry books, though I think that they are charming. This book, however, I was live up to the hype. This book lived up to the expectations that I had in my mind, from the smooth feel of the cover to the lovely pages of the inside.
really excited for. I even preordered. PREORDERED PEOPLE! I only ever preorder things I'm excited for a

If you've taken a text/image class, you'll appreciate this book! Lot's of different fonts, images, text placement, everything text/image is about!

The last, but not least thing that I found enjoyable were the different topics of poetry. I enjoyed the relatable, the unusual, and the classic. There's a poem for everyone and if you are feeling a way today, chances are, you'll find the perfect poem in this book.

What Was Least Enjoyable

The only thing that I would have to have to say is that I wish the poetry had more of a structure. It kind of did in a way, but if it was the same poems, but went through metaphorically like a story, that would have been even more of a bonus. Did that make any sense at all?


Overall, I really enjoyed this book and anyone who picks it up will probably say the same. Find your dark between stars and pick up your copy today with the button below!

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Until next time, Happy Reading and Happy Halloween!👻

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