Book Review: What's Your Story? by Marion Bauer

So, things in life are happening, so we'll see if this month I'll get back on my usual schedule. But until then, I have a new book review just for you! (and you, and you, and you!). As some of you may or may not know, I am currently writing my book. Actually, it's almost done. I just ordered my draft copy last week, so we'll see how that goes. If you would like to keep up with that new or like to see pictures of cats, quotes, nature and some of the weird and pretty things I find, then subscribe to my author page! So, have any of you ever thought of writing a book? Well, I can tell you reading a book about writing a book was not my first reading choice, but it was a good choice and I'm glad my friend gifted it to me for my birthday. Here is my review of What's Your Story? A Young Person's Guide to Writing Fiction by Marion Baurer.

A Little Bit of Background 

Let's take a quick look at author Marion Bauer. Bauer has been writing since the high school. She went to school at eh University of Missouri for Journalism, where she quickly realized (much like me) that journalism writing was not the kind of writing for her. She then switched her degree to English literature. Sometime after she briefly worked as an English teacher, became a mom of two and pet and foster mom of many, she decided it was time to write. 

This book is all about how to write a fiction book for beginners. The book goes through all the phases of writing a book, from initial ideas, planning it out, character development, focusing the story, afterwards and so much more!

What I Enjoyed Most

When someone thinks of a "How-To" type of book, they might think it will be boring. That is what I kind of thought how this read was going to turn out. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this book to be pretty enjoyable. Bauer does a good job of wording her book to make it sound like she is talking to us like human beings and not a robot with no feelings. The reader feels welcomed by the first page and stays captivated by the first chapter and keeps on reading because you just want to know her view and opinions on what to do next. 

The reader can also appreciate the topics that Bauer goes over. As stated earlier, Bauer goes through everything, not just certain parts of writing. From pre-writing to post-writing, she goes through the whole cycle.

One last thing that is enjoyable is the honesty. Bauer is honest about everything, even the part where she said that the chances of getting published are very slim, so keep writing for fun.

What I Enjoyed Least

There wasn't anything that I didn't enjoy. As stated before, Bauer goes through everything and is honest. Things the reader can truly appreciate.

In Conclusion

In conclusions, this was a great book if you are looking to write fiction, whether it's for fun or for a more serious route. The book is fun to read and Bauer does a great job in grabbing your attention every chapter. Will definitely keep this book around to reference back to and look through for my current book and beyond.

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