Rainy Thoughts: Having Multiple Jobs Does Not Make You Crazy!

I didn't even realize I forgot to do a Rainy Thoughts in January! I've been crazy busy and that may be because I hold down multiple jobs and I'm planning my wedding and I might be moving soon and I'm  editing my book and I try to maintain my blog and do some marketing for it and give my fiance and cat some attention they need. Yep, my life is pretty crazy, but it's never boring.

An Array of Mastery

It was never my intention to be doing multiple things at once. Usually, people don't think about having multiple jobs in their future. They think of one and stick to that. I started out normal, with one job. Then I got an opportunity here and another there and another and every position is different and I wanted to do all three. So that's just what I'm doing. At the end of the day, I would enjoy having one job, but multiple jobs give me multiple things to do. 

Doing multiple jobs means you are strengthening your skills in knowledge in an array of fields. You are learning something new every day and you never get bored at what you are doing. You might get sleepless nights, but who doesn't get those every now and then? At the end of the day, you are mastering multiple skills that can open up a multitude of opportunities!

An Array of Feelings

Having multiple jobs means having multiple feelings. One day you love one job and the next you want to quite one and make the other your full-time.These feelings will vary upon on the day and the time. You will also have the feeling that you should commit to one job, but you don't know who to choose and by the time you think you've decided, an opportunity at one of them pops up and you keep it after all that debate.

An Array of Faces

Let's face it, sometimes when you tell your friends and family about what you are doing, they may give you that face of shock or disapproval. They just don't understand why you have all these jobs. They may think your crazy and some may ask you if you're going through a hard time. Some people have multiple jobs cause they want to and some cause they have to. Either way, they'll say it's a millennial thing and eventually back off. But that face never gets old.

An Array of Cashflow

This is definitely a perk of having multiple jobs. I enjoy having money to take my fiance out on a date or buying myself something cheap and nice on SheIn.com. Need I say more on this?

In Conclusion 

In conclusion, having multiple jobs is definitely not for everyone. For some, it's not a choice, for other's, it is. No matter where your reasons for having multiple jobs, just remember you are not crazy, you're just a hard-working woman/man that is doing your best at everything you're doing. Having multiple jobs means that you're closer to Wonder Woman than you think!


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