Saturday, December 30, 2017

Rainy Thoughts: Year in Review 2017

This post is more of an archive for me, but if you're interested in people's years, then keep on reading!

So 2017. This was a rollercoaster of emotion type of year for me. My year started off emotionally unstable. My grandmother passed, my dog passed, and my car died...3 times! On top of two jobs, full-time classes and my senior project, it was like the world was coming down around me and I couldn't stop it. I just watched as the embers of the evening sun slide behind the wall and the darkness came up and over my dreams.


The year also brought good memories though. Memories with family and friends. I ended up purchasing my new car, was nominated for the top senior project, printed a book, wrote another book, graduated college, got my first real paying job, moved to a bigger apartment, got my wedding dress and went to Lousiana where I gambled and won some money.

When I brought Civi home in February

I had a really crazy, busy, and all together, awesome year. I am somehow surviving juggling three jobs (not because I need to, but because I want to. I know, it's weird. Millenial thing?) I have some news coming up and new plans that I'm sure will make the 2018 year just as crazy. But in everything, I am always grateful for my family and friends and hope you all have a new year filled with lots of joy, tons of laughs, plenty of shoulders to cry on, and all your family and friends. Cheers to a New Year!

Cousins on Christmas Eve

Graduated in August

Hanging with friends after my grandmother's funeral 

Capstone celebration in April


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