Book Review: Seven Up by Janet Evanovich

Do you have a series that you have been reading for a couple years and absolutely love? Do you have a favorite writer who you would call in sick to work just do you could see them at a book signing? Is your favorite author the same person that writes your favorite books? Maybe not, but I have to say that my favorite series by my favorite author has to be the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich!

A Little Bit of Background

Janet Evanovich has been and still is a #1 New York Times best seller for multiple books she has put out over the years. Her first installment of the Stephanie Plum series is called One for the Money, which was released in 1994 (the year before I was born), and is still going with Turbo -Thirty Three coming out very soon! If you haven't heard of the Stephanie Plum series, it is basically about a young, bounty hunter from New Jersey just wanting to pay her rent and not wanting to have a regular 9-5 job, a.k.a not the button factory! Seven up came out in 2001, but still has lots of charm and handfuls of laughs.

What was enjoyable

Everything! I underlined the everything, because I enjoyed this book very much. The first thing I want to point out are the jokes. If you read this, you will find yourself laughing out loud with people asking if you're okay. Janet Evanovich has done it once again! I always know that when I start another Stephanie Plum book, I am going to be happy and wanting to save almost one memorable quote from each chapter.

"Do you think I'm fat?"
Lula didn't look like she had a lot of fat on her. She looked solid. Bratwurst solid. But it was a lot of bratwurst.  
"Not exactly fat," I said. "More like big."
"I haven't got none of that cellulite, either."
This was true. A bratwurst does not have cellulite (Evanovich 47).

Another aspect that must be underlined, is that the characters and events that happened in the last book, came into this book. For instance, Bob, the golden retriever, is still alive and not forgotten from the last book! Also, Dougie and Mooner made it as well. I find this to be appealing knowing that Evanovich didn't just have previous characters disappear. This makes the main character, Stephanie, seem more real, her world more real. In real life, we usually interact with more than three people a day.

 What was least enjoyable

Nothing! I know that may seem a little bias, but I truly enjoyed reading this book. Maybe if the language was toned down, but that's more to each it's own. There were no boring parts, nor confusing and unrelateable parts. The story flows very well and the characters interact with one another on a relateable level.


Overall, I would recommend this book, or even this series to anyone wanting a warm hearted book, filled with laughs.There is so much shock and energy in every page you turn. Almost every chapter leaves you not wanting to put the book down. The cliff hanger, once again, will make you want to keep on reading the series, which is what I will be doing after very soon. Evanovich has done it again!


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