Thursday, February 15, 2018

Book Review: Flat Line by Dana Barney

So I finally finished a book that was not long at all, it's just been a little hectic. I also have some new, I'm moving back to my hometown! But I'll share more of that on another post. Anyways, when I visit my hometown in November, I went to a local bookstore called: The Twig Book Shop. It's a cute little bookstore, and while I was there, I got to meet Dana Barney. He was promoting his two books, one of them being, Flat Line, which is what I'm about to review right now! (SPOILER ALERT!)

A Little Bit of Background

Dana Barney is an Austin based author. He received his B.A. in writing from Bennington College in Vermont. Flat Line is his first book, which he wrote in 2015. The sequel to this book, Half Life, just came out this past year in 2017. 

Now Flat Line is about an investigative journalist, Peter Richards, whose life starts to go downhill after he gets fired from his job. 

What Was Enjoyable
I liked the whole ride of the book. The book felt like I was going through a movie. He gets fired, a murder happens, and then he wakes up in the hospital with an artificial heart. And that's not even half of it! Barney does a great job making the reader feel like you are watching an action, mystery movie.

The other thing I enjoyed was the twists. There are multiple twists and turns int his book that can really get the reader to read the book in a one night sitting.  

I also like to point out the accurate Texas references. The story takes place in Austin Texas and Peter's character visits real Austin places and real Austin streets. Peter also travels up north in Texas and the author still stays true to the accurate place in Texas. Any reader can appreciate an accurate setting of a real place and Texas readers, like me, will appreciate this to a next level.

What Was Least Enjoyable

This was a really great and well-written book, but I have to get his off my chest. There is an on-going joke throughout the book about one of the side characters knowing who killed Kennedy. They ask this guy "Do you know who killed Kennedy," and the main character tells people that he knows the guy who knows who killed Kennedy. When I first heard this, my first thought was that I know who killed Kennedy, Harry Oswald, it's public knowledge. Then I thought that maybe the author was referring to a conspiracy theory type of ordeal. It's confirmed at the very end when Peters says that he knows Kennedy killed him, but he wanted to know if there were people behind the scenes, then it made more sense. The rest of the time, I thought that this might have been something the author may have overlooked, but it wasn't. I just wished it was established in the beginning, since most of know who killed Kennedy and we also know Oswald's past and stuff it just seemed like a weird joke.

The other thing was that this book felt like a great book, but it would be a better movie. Not that this is a bad or unenjoyable thing, but it would be great as a movie of some sorts.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this was a great mystery thriller. This does have some more gory parts, especially towards the end, but if you like that stuff, then you should be fine. I really enjoy mystery books and this is one book to pick up and put on your bookshelf. Until next time, Happy Reading!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Rainy Thoughts: Having Multiple Jobs Does Not Make You Crazy!

I didn't even realize I forgot to do a Rainy Thoughts in January! I've been crazy busy and that may be because I hold down multiple jobs and I'm planning my wedding and I might be moving soon and I'm  editing my book and I try to maintain my blog and do some marketing for it and give my fiance and cat some attention they need. Yep, my life is pretty crazy, but it's never boring.

An Array of Mastery

It was never my intention to be doing multiple things at once. Usually, people don't think about having multiple jobs in their future. They think of one and stick to that. I started out normal, with one job. Then I got an opportunity here and another there and another and every position is different and I wanted to do all three. So that's just what I'm doing. At the end of the day, I would enjoy having one job, but multiple jobs give me multiple things to do. 

Doing multiple jobs means you are strengthening your skills in knowledge in an array of fields. You are learning something new every day and you never get bored at what you are doing. You might get sleepless nights, but who doesn't get those every now and then? At the end of the day, you are mastering multiple skills that can open up a multitude of opportunities!

An Array of Feelings

Having multiple jobs means having multiple feelings. One day you love one job and the next you want to quite one and make the other your full-time.These feelings will vary upon on the day and the time. You will also have the feeling that you should commit to one job, but you don't know who to choose and by the time you think you've decided, an opportunity at one of them pops up and you keep it after all that debate.

An Array of Faces

Let's face it, sometimes when you tell your friends and family about what you are doing, they may give you that face of shock or disapproval. They just don't understand why you have all these jobs. They may think your crazy and some may ask you if you're going through a hard time. Some people have multiple jobs cause they want to and some cause they have to. Either way, they'll say it's a millennial thing and eventually back off. But that face never gets old.

An Array of Cashflow

This is definitely a perk of having multiple jobs. I enjoy having money to take my fiance out on a date or buying myself something cheap and nice on Need I say more on this?

In Conclusion 

In conclusion, having multiple jobs is definitely not for everyone. For some, it's not a choice, for other's, it is. No matter where your reasons for having multiple jobs, just remember you are not crazy, you're just a hard-working woman/man that is doing your best at everything you're doing. Having multiple jobs means that you're closer to Wonder Woman than you think!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Manga Review: Rurouni Kenshin

Yes, it's that time of the year again where I create a manga review, because I'm not done with the book that I'm reading because of the Holidays. I will have a proper book review for you next Month and they will start being regular, hopefully. Anyways, I'm really excited about this review, since I recently received all the original manga as a gift from my wonderful fiance. So onto my review! (SPOILER ALERT!)


If you haven't heard of Rurouni Kenshin, then you haven't heard of one of the greatest fantasy, Meiji Era stories ever written into existence! Rurouni Kenshin, also known as Samurai X in most other places, initially appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump from April 1994 to November 1999. The story was written and illustrated by Nobuhiro Watsuki, who also illustrates another well-known manga, One Piece. The series then turned into an anime from January 1996 to September 1998.

The story takes place in the 11th year of the Meiji period in Japan (1878) and follows Kenshin, the red-headed, former assassin during the war. He earned the name BAkumatsu, or the Legendary Man Slayer, because of all the people he murdered. After something dramatic happens (will not spoil that for you), Kenshin decides to live his life out as a wandering swordsman who protects people instead of killing them. Kenshin meets an array of friends and foes along the way. The manga's recurring themes revolve around peace, romance, and atonement.

What is Enjoyable 

1. This manga is very enjoyable for multiple reasons. The first one I will note is the story. Fans of this manga, including me, absolutely love the story. It's a very enjoyable story, filled with both peaceful and action filled moments. The concepts and the arcs all flow together well and nothing is left up in the air or unanswered. It's a story that you want to keep reading until well into the night. 

2. The action. Love it. There is blood and gore galore. Not on every page, but when their's a fight scene, there are no "jk lets be friends," moments. (Except one guy who ends up being their friend, but that's different). The manga is filled with great fight scenes, lots of development in power and isn't afraid to show that someone just got their ass whooped really bad. 

3. The full title of Rurouni Kenshin is Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story. And something I completely enjoyed about this series is that it is a love story, but it's not the kind of mushy crap I want to read about. The theme of love and romance is there, but some of it is metaphorical, and some of it is right in front of you. This is a subtle love story that plays a big part in Kenshin's character. It's both beautiful and tragic and one that readers will enjoy and fully understand by the end of the manga.

What is Least Enjoyable

There were very few things that I didn't like about this manga, but there is one thing. I just wasn't a big fan of Yahiko's character. For those of you who may not know, Yahiko is a friend you will meet early on in the manga. He is a punk kid who starts to progress and grow-up as the manga goes on. Now, I understand Yahiko's purpose as a character, but I honestly sped through his little moments in the manga. I just wasn't interested in his alone moments. But maybe that's just me. 


Overall, I really enjoyed reading this manga and I have been enjoyinrg the few new chapters that came out this past year. The naime is nice (except that it doesn't end with the manga and the third season is all filler, but not completely bad). The OVA's and movie are excellent and the fan base is real. If you're interested in reading this manga, start with the original and work your way up to the new chapters.

Thank you anddon't forget to follow my updates on my social media pages! Happy Reading!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Rainy Thoughts: Year in Review 2017

This post is more of an archive for me, but if you're interested in people's years, then keep on reading!

So 2017. This was a rollercoaster of emotion type of year for me. My year started off emotionally unstable. My grandmother passed, my dog passed, and my car died...3 times! On top of two jobs, full-time classes and my senior project, it was like the world was coming down around me and I couldn't stop it. I just watched as the embers of the evening sun slide behind the wall and the darkness came up and over my dreams.


The year also brought good memories though. Memories with family and friends. I ended up purchasing my new car, was nominated for the top senior project, printed a book, wrote another book, graduated college, got my first real paying job, moved to a bigger apartment, got my wedding dress and went to Lousiana where I gambled and won some money.

When I brought Civi home in February

I had a really crazy, busy, and all together, awesome year. I am somehow surviving juggling three jobs (not because I need to, but because I want to. I know, it's weird. Millenial thing?) I have some news coming up and new plans that I'm sure will make the 2018 year just as crazy. But in everything, I am always grateful for my family and friends and hope you all have a new year filled with lots of joy, tons of laughs, plenty of shoulders to cry on, and all your family and friends. Cheers to a New Year!

Cousins on Christmas Eve

Graduated in August

Hanging with friends after my grandmother's funeral 

Capstone celebration in April


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Book Review: The Heart of the Night by Judith Lennox

Sorry about taking forever to do another review. I participated in my first NaNoWriMo, which was a very challenging expereince but I did it! And I plan on publishing my book in February so stayed tuned! Anyways, the book I'm about to review is another gem I found at the Dollar Tree. It might actually be my favorite book that I've gotten from there so far. It's been a while, so lets get on to my  review of The Heart of the Night by Judith Lennox! (SPOILER ALERT!)

A Little Bit of Background

Let's talk about the author a bit. So Judith Lennox is a German native romance novelist who has been writing for the past 30 something years now. Her sixth book, The Winter House, was her breakthrough novel for both in Germany and around the world. Three of her novels have been shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award. 

Judith published The Heart of the Night in 2009. As a short overview of the book, it basically follows the lives of five unforgetable, individuals through pre, during, and post WWII. The two main people that you first meet and what the book revolves around are Miranda and Kay. Miranda lives a high and wealthy life with her father and one day her father dcides to hire Kay, a girl who always had just enough, to chauffer and watch over Miranda. The two spark a friendship and travel all of Europe until afrightful day arrives...and now you have to read the rest to find out!

What was most enjoyable

I really want to point out the fact that there were a handful of charcaters in this one book, but you never feel overwhelmed. The characters do not come out all at once, they have their time and moments when they come out. Having a ton of charcters can be hard to execute at times, but Judith does a great job at not letting the reader get confused and feel overwhelmed.

Another thig about this book is that even though it was a pretty long book, I still wanted to know more. The reader becomes entranced with these people's lives and event after event happens and it keeps you glued in and not wondering off into lalaland.

The last thing is that I really enjoyed the historical context. Being from the states, the only history I really know about the other countries, ecspecially the axis countries, is what I read in history class and what I watch on History channel. So it was a real eye opener to find out what the Prussians and the English and everyoe else went thorugh during this time.

What was least enjoyable

There wasn't anything I didn't enjoy about this book. The only thing I would say is that I was a bit confused when we meet the other charcaters, since we are only reading about two for 85 or so pages and then we get the point of view from another character, I was like, "who is this." But it was detrimental, it just might throw off some readers for a bit, but this book wasn't necesarilly not enjoyable because of it. Other than that, all was good!


Overall, this was a very enjoyable book. I completely was imersed in it and I never felt overwhelmed with characters. I never forgot a chacrters name and I think the historical context was spot on. Love the visuals and I was glad for the happy ending. I recommend The Heart of the Night if you are looking for a great romance/adventure/historical book. Until next time, Happy Reading! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Rainy Thoughts: Nostalgia

So, I've been thinking about this blog topic for a while. I feel like it really resonates with me now more than really any other time in my least for now. I keep seeing more and more nostalgic things come into play. Some of these things are MTV's 90's House, where a group of people have to live and dress like they are in the 1990's. We have comebacks of 90's shows, such as Rocko's Modern Life and the conclusion movie of Hey Arnold! We also have fashion trends finding their back, platform shoes and the acceptability of overalls. It's an interesting concept, but the fact is, there's so much nostalgia around us. I find this interesting and sometimes weird. But I have a theory to why there's so much of this nostalgia going on. At least of a couple of them.

Theory: Everything Moved too Fast

What I mean by this is, during the late 1980's to1990's, things were more tech-free, which in return makes people feel like it was a simpler time. Our parents weren't shoving pictures down people's throats on social media or texting and driving. We called when we did and we played games with each other in person. Then technology started moving at a very fast pace. We started getting iPods, AOL chats, Friendster. Then phones started becoming more affordable, then cars started getting smaller, and iPods started to hold more music. VHS tapes turned into DVD's that then turned into Blue-Rays and are now turning into 4K. When you think about it, our world has vastly changed in the past 20 something years. Shows are different, our food is different and our lifestyle has completely changed. 

When you think about it, Nostalgia comes from when we long for something or we miss something. Sometimes I think we miss too many things because so many things changed so fast. Right when we started enjoying one thing, it changed on us in sometimes a dramatic way. 

Now People are Making Money off Nostalgia

If people can make a buck, they will. Why do you think there's 80's and 90's show merchandise at your local Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Target, etc. Why are there so many shows making a comeback, such as  The Power Puff Girls, or continuations of old shows like Fuller House? Because it sells and makes money! People like finding out what happened to their beloved characters and how they would react in today's world. So people are selling it and they are making money so they will continue to feed us nostalgia. and we will continue to indulge in it.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, is nostalgia a bad thing? Not necessarily, it's something we feel tied too and that is perfectly acceptible. Everyone feels nostalgia from time to time. Do I think this generation likes nostalgia a little too much? I do, I think we are living too much in the past, and trying to make it current again, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Are people collecting money from nostalgia? Yes, they are and I'm one of their customers. Will nostalgia ever stop? Not as long as we have memories of the past and the internet. 

Well, I hope you liked this post and remember, there was a time when Hello Kitty had a mouth.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Book Review: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Hello everyone! Yes, I have finally gotten around to doing a new book review! I wanted to ask you all a question first, do you think I should switch to wordpress or even Wix? I've been thinking of doing this for a while now, but I can't make up my mind. I'm fine with a really simple blog, but sometimes I don't feel like I can be as creative with my blog. I also don't want to lose all my content. Let me know your thoughts or suggestions! Anyways, onto the review! (SPOILER ALERT)

A Little Bit of Background

Charlaine Harris is a New York Times bestselling author who has been wriitng for the the past 30 years. She published her firstbookin 1981 entitled Sweet and Deadly. She published Dead until Dark in may of 2001,which started the Sookie Steakhouse series that spanned from 2001 to 2013. The book went on that year to receive the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Mystery. The series was then picked up by HBO and transformed the Sookie Steakhouse series into the popular show True Blood, which spanned 30 seasons.

The Dead unti Dark book starts off the Sookie Steakhouse Series by introducing the main characters, Sookie and vampire Bill.  Sookie is a small town waitress in Louisiana who has a peculiar ability. All turns upside down when the new vampire in-town shows up, along with a pecuiar string of murders.

What was enjoyable

There were tons of things to like about this book. One being that this was not a corny vampire book. It was like reading a murder mystery novel, but with vampires. It wasn't all Twilight, but it wasn't all Blood Ties, it was somewhere in the middle. 

Something else I enjoyed was that the auhtor does a great job at making a whole civilization out of the vampires and integrating them into the human world. Being a vampire normalish, though people still find it wierd. They drink blood at the cafes, they have thierown clubs ad they also have statuses, etc. It can definitly be hard to create world like this, but Harris does wonders with it.

What was least enjoyable

If you guys have read my other reviews, then you know that I am picky when it comes to dialogue. I feel that dialouge is key in creating a great book. Now, I didn't have a problem with the dialogue in this book, but when it came to the sex parts, one might say it felt awkard. "...turning his attention to my breasts. He toed off his sandals at some point."
(Side Note: I just don't find men in sandals attractive.)

The other least enjoyable thing was that there is a part where Sookie finds a stray dog. The whole stray dog part felt a little drawn out.


Overall, I liked this book. It was ike a littler roller coaster. I was really captivated at some point and a couple other points brought me down, but the good outweighed the bad for this one. I have actually been wanting to read these books, because I've always wanted to watch True Blood. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series, so more reviews to come in this series later on! If you are into vampire books, put this on your list of books to read and check out your local bookstore or library. Until next review, Happy Reading!